Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Just a question - “Can we be best friends?” .

It happened while we waited for the bus. I never realized what prompted me to ask that question. It was one of those wacky moments where you land yourself into some slosh. The coolness of the mud would have its effect slowly. Anirudh said that we will be best friends and told me when his birthday was. I did not know this norm. I just reciprocated at the instinct. I reflected later that best friends should start like that.

I knew that Anirudh came by the crowded bus which stopped near our house. But I always took the less crowded one that arrived 5 minutes later. I wanted to surprise him and took the crowded one that day.

From that day, it had always been the crowded bus.

Sitting in the same bench, sharing lunch, notes and jokes soon followed.