Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Were the general spam in the mail box as always, as Anuj skimmed through the mail box. He always searched for some connections between the spam messages he got. That day was no different. He got the same messages as every day. He was bored and left the machine with a sigh.

A little while later, he remembered about the term paper he had to submit online. He gave the final touches to the term paper (as if a copied thing looked different with that) and mailed the document to the Professor. He was about to close his mail box but looked at the spam count once. It showed 1 Unread Message. He opened it to check whether anything new had been invented in the spam world.

The mail had the most uninteresting look to it. It had all the junk about the pills and watches and some unreadable message. But one line attracted him most which read

"There was none to save me, as I opened it and I now wander under the Atlantic"

Anuj, at once, searched for some connections between the spam he had read and this line. He did this exercise every time he got a new spam message. It made no sense. He replied to this spam mail, like always. Every time he got a mail back saying "Sending message failed". But this time it was different, he did not get any message that his mail had failed reaching it. He waited for the reply but gave up and left after a while. He got himself busy in the day's activities and forgot about the mail he sent.

Evening when he returned to his room, he switched on the computer and hurriedly logged into his mail account. There were two new messages in the spam box. He quickly opened it and checked what they were. One was the routine pills thing about 20 % increase with some small font junk. The second mail was very short and interested him. It read

“ We know you . Come to Deluxe cafe tomorrow evening and ask for filters. Welcome to the spammers' meet”

The next day started as usual with the usual spam in the mailbox, in the class room every where indeed.He could not keep his mind away from thinking about the spammers meet. Before he made up his mind, he was on his bike driving it towards Deluxe cafe. It had a new look as opposed to the yellowed walls of the old cafe. He had never noticed this change all these days, though he passed by it very often.

The shopkeeper was eagerly serving the customers who thronged this new Deluxe cafe. He was not the same shop keeper, he remembered. How the shop changed hands so quickly was immaterial now. He went to the shopkeeper and asked for filters, doubting what it really meant. The shopkeeper gave a thorough look at Anuj and asked him to wait for 15 minutes. Anuj waited impatiently. Finally, the shopkeeper escorted him to a corner room and opened the door. Before Anuj realized where he was, he was inside the room.

The room was dark and air conditioned. The walls were lit with dim lights as in the movie halls. There was not a single soul in the room, except a large computer and a few smaller ones and a complicated equipment, which he could not make out for what purpose. He thought he must be really early to this spammers meet. He relaxed himself on one of the chairs. He waited there for an hour but nothing happened. No one came. He cursed himself for his stupidity and walked towards the door. He tried opening the door but found it was locked from the other side. He did not understand how the cafe was closed so early that day. He tried opening the door again, but in vain. He wanted to call his friend who lived very near by but there was no network there. He thought what a place this dungeon could be. He thought he should be able to communicate by some means.

That is when he realized that there was a computer in the room. He went to the desk and started the computer. He was thrilled at the speed at which it started as he switched it on. He logged onto his mail account and composed a SOS message to his friend Rishi, who is online all the time. He finished typing his message and clicked “send” . There was sudden cranking of gears and the complicated machine turned its laser on to Anuj and then the room was dark again.

Christine was late that day to the computer lab. The instructor had warned that if she missed that class, she could be struck off the rolls. She hurriedly took the last seat of the lab and opened her mail account. She too was interested in spam mails and their connections.

There was only one message that day and it read “ Help yourself if you can't end up clicking HERE ”. And the mail was from

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Room

Room: A four walled structure with one or countless windows.

Sudha just finished packing the last item of her luggage. She was graduating in one of those myriad directions. She at once recollected that, that would be the last day she belonged to the room 256. There were no rush feelings of parting for her. While her friends spent solemn moments within their rooms, Sudha hurried to get the luggage to the taxi. She thought such an effort of belonging is a waste of time.She wondered whether her friends really felt sad or was it just a custom.

All the graduating students bid farewell to the security guards and myriad other hostel staff. Sudha also bid them a hearty good bye. They reached the railway station. The taxi took unusually long time to reach. Each one was busy exchanging phone numbers and mail Ids. Sudha took the numbers and mail Ids of all her friends. Then the parting, as they call it began.

Sudha reached her home the next morning. There were some early monsoon showers the previous night. The windows in her room showed the residuals of the drops of rain or was it dew. She was too tired to go further.

She slept the whole day and at dusk she was busy sticking to the ceiling the stars,Sun and moon, made of radium. She used to gaze at them every night and sleep under their faint radiance. Dinner was ready as soon as she was finished with the ceiling. All her favorite dishes were on the table. She quickly finished dinner and slipped into her room. She wanted to gaze at the star system in her new room. Resting on the couch she started thinking how it all started and ended so quickly. There were things that are to be framed as past, Sudha thought. People always moved on according to her, as if nothing had happened. She observed such callousness in people’s behavior.

She spent about an hour gazing and thinking. Suddenly, she felt something was missing from the star system above. There was always a passenger from the sun to the earth and back, every night. It was the spider. Yes the spider !

She leapt up in a quick motion and frantically started searching her bags for the glass case where she housed the spider. It was no where to be found. She remembered packing everything into those bags. But now something was missing.

There was sudden rain on the window pane which cleared the mist. She looked through the window and to her surprise saw her own room !

There was an increased sputtering on the window panes, as she cried that night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wilderness in the hills

Summer heat always brought vacations along with it. Vacation would mean going to the village and taking the warmth and heat there. But for now these hillocks would offer us a temporary peep into the long visited and cherished village.

Wandering in the wilderness, at the onset of summer would be quite an experience. The summer mornings are neither too hot nor too cold, they are enjoyable. The grass is all pallid,lifeless and unkempt. But the grass offers a fine grip to hold on to when there are some steep slopes. I try to break a twig, just to toss it around while walking. The plant is not dry-brittle. It is full of sap and energy and ofcourse longing for the monsoon in it's heart. Just like us.

We hear both the low and shrill calls of the birds passing messages to their kith and kin. We kept to the shade of the hills while walking. This made us escape the heat which was rising slowly. The pale grass now glittered like an yellow mine of ornamental gold. There were violet Daturas here and there. Defying the dry background some palnts had flowers and tender leaves, as if attracting the monsoons to them first.

Some of the birds that rarely visited the concrete jungle had their nests in the fissures in these hills. They bobbed the heads out of their caves and looked down at the strange visitors. We settled on a rock near the foot of the cliff and sat there. Absolute stillness was defined here. The place was covered with the hill on the three sides. We were so away from the noises of the civilization and yet so near to it. It was almost as if a little child had found a new place to hide. We sat there observing the cliff, it's scales, dried algae, water marks and the birds which occasionally flew in and out of their caves. It looked like the time just stood still in that little hide out. I wondered how would it be during monsoons. Lush green probably.

The shade, silence and the lullaby of the birds almost left me sleepy. Each time I observed the same part of rock it looked different. It formed a different shape. There was nothing static to the cliff, it was as dynamic as a movie. Each time offering a different image of itself. I could sit there till dusk to just capture the whole performance there. So silent and so static yet evoking so much attention, as if the stillness was just to attract me to it.

I felt there were so many stories in these pure,naked hills. So often they are covered with green, a veil probably, which in its beauty hid so many faces.