Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is a stimulus package to uplift this blog from the dire straits it is in as of now. Things have been happening in my poetry blog all the while but prose took a back seat or rather became extinct since three months. Lately I realized that prose would help me in inculcating the very essential quality of continuity.

This is not to say that poetry as a medium has less to teach in that area. You can have disconnected images in a collage like poem and pass it off as style. But really speaking, such poetry would be as esoteric as modern art. I strongly believe that poetry or prose should be sort of story telling. Look at grandparents, narrating the same stories and yet enrapturing the child audience. I think that's a rather difficult job to do. As the same children grow into adults there is a looking glass of experiences through which they tend to accept things. Slowly the grandmother's tales lose their luster.

I would be posting here some simple stories, experiences and interesting observations which I have up my sleeve. I would assure you that this would not be a space for any boring opinions of mine. However, things happening around could creep into the stories or anecdotes that are shared here.